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Tac Watch 500

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The practically indestructible TacWatch 500: is this the most robust SmartWatch on earth?

Nowadays, everything around us is getting faster and faster, so that we are becoming increasingly dependent on smart devices that help us organize our lives. Many of those smart devices need too much attention from us in the form of maintenance or daily charging. With this problem in mind, we started looking for something better on the market – when we found the TacWatch 500 ...

Smartphones are now indispensable in our lives, but they are extremely vulnerable. How often have you dropped your phone? Often enough in our case! Partly for this reason we went looking for another product. A product that is more compact and robust.

Everyone is ready to treat their smart device like a fragile, porcelain plate. What is striking about this watch is that it is extremely robust. It can be thrown and we even drove over it with a car! (see video).

Extremely impressive is that the battery life lasts longer than 16 months on just one charge! Try that with your smartphone.

After some research we came across the TacWatch 500 and it grabbed our attention right away. What struck us was that this watch can survive in the most extreme situations. The watch has a sturdy housing, is dust and waterproof and can withstand a beating! We have tested this and we were sold instantly!

More than an extremely robust tactical survival watch ...

In addition to the extreme battery life and robust design, the TacWatch 500 has many other cool features. Whether you’re practically minded or a sports fanatic. The TacWatch 500 has functions you never want to live without ever again! You can even connect it to your mobile phone, whether you have Android or iOS. It can then give you important messages from your phone, synchronize the tracking information of your fitness, and more! 

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