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Cera Heater 350

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Cera Heater 350

During these times you really want to turn up your heating to 25 degrees(Celsius), but what stops you is the thought of those expensive bills coming in, so you end up keeping the heat at 20 degrees.

"So there you are on the couch with 2 sweaters and a blanket to keep yourself warm ..."

Fortunately for you there’s now a better and cheaper way to keep your whole house warm! It’s easy, unobtrusive, and costs almost nothing.

That’s why we proudly present the Cera Heater 350! You can easily plug in this miracle device and within minutes your whole house will be warm. Yes, you’ve read that right! In no time at all your room will be at the desired temperature.

Do you have a cold bedroom that’s often below 17 degrees? No problem! For a few cents the Cera Heater 350 will heat up your bedroom to 23 degrees. Just think about what you save compared to an electric blanket, which is a huge energy consumer.

There goes the alarm clock again in the morning! Better prepare yourself for a cold bathroom, or get rid of this problem with the Cera Heater 350. Instantly achieve a nice pleasant temperature.

Regular radiators are often bulky, ugly, and in the way. With the Cera Heater 350 this is a problem of the past! This device is incredibly compact, and therefore ideal for every room of your home.

As you can read there are a lot of advantages to owning the Cera Heater 350. It’s a small and compact device that will cost you almost nothing to heat a room. You can easily raise the temperature and within a few minutes your room is the desired comfortable temperature. With normal radiators it can sometimes take up to an hour to get warm, with the Cera Heater 350 you’ll have instant heat!

Cera Heater 350

Many customers have come before you and now use the Cera Heater 350 in all kinds of rooms, even in garages and barns where there is no regular heating.

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